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My name is Simon Holloway and I am a scribe of the Pharisees
I am a Jew
I am a post-graduate student
I am a scribe of the Pharisees.

I recently finished a PhD at The University of Sydney, where I have spent the last several years researching the usage of arboreal and monarchic metaphors within the biblical literature. I have a BA in Communication (Writing and Contemporary Cultures), a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Biblical Studies; Honours), a Postgraduate Diploma in Languages (Classical Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac; Honours) and a Masters in Ancient History, for which I majored in Latin, Greek and Coptic.

I am very interested in the application of contemporary literary theory to ancient literature – particularly when it comes to methodologies for the construal of figurative language. I am also interested in the ‘interface’ between linguistics and literary criticism. To what extent do texts reflect authorial intent, and to what extent are they constrained by the strictures of the genre, or even the language itself?

I am also interested in Late Biblical Hebrew (its relationship with earlier forms of Biblical Hebrew, as well as with the post-Biblical Hebrew of the rabbis), with the development of both Talmudic and mediaeval halakha, with Ashkenazi Jewish cultures over time (including, and particularly, contemporary haredi subcultures in the State of Israel), and with competing historiographical methodologies for understanding the Holocaust.

Want to email me? I can be reached at “simonfholloway”, at gmail dot com.

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